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Being a hockey fan in Indiana is difficult, especially in Central Indiana. It’s hard to be a hockey fan in most places below the 49th parallel. Yet Indiana is a place where the game is rarely on TV, people sometimes think your sweater is a soccer jersey and if you meet another hardcore hockey fan, you’ve made a lifelong friend.

My early youth was spent on the Indiana side of the Chicagoland area. In those formative years watched Chelios and Roenick skate for my beloved Chicago Blackhawks. Before I could speak I fell in love with Hockey, at least I must have considering it was the second word I ever said. Then at the age of nine I moved to Indianapolis. Indy is a fantastic city and a place I love, it’s really just lacking one thing…hockey. Sure we have the Indiana Ice of the USHL, but the hockey culture in my hometown is small. A blip on the sports radar.

Living in a hockey purgatory like Indy does have some positives, there’s no such thing as a casual hockey fan here. It takes too much effort to find the game for a casual fan. Also being a hockey fan in Central Indiana makes you better understand why you love the game. Three hours in a car driving to the nearest NHL city gives you plenty of time to ponder that question.

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