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Punk Rock And Hockey: Outside Observers

July 7, 2010

While I do have a great interview with a band sitting on the back burner, I wanted to share some links from others in the hockey or punk rock communities that see the same connection I do.

We’ll start with Erin Nicks. I recently ventured on to her twitter page and came across the factoid that she absolutely loves punk rock. She is a huge Bad Religion fan and even named her blog after a BR song. We’ve briefly discussed the connection between punk and hockey over twitter and email. I decided to share the links she sent me with my readership as I now realize that a lot of you seem to think the same thing.

After a reference to Pulley in an earlier post, Erin elaborates on the connection between hockey and punk rock.

An interview with Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge on the use of their song “Bro Hymn” and its frequent usage at NHL games.

An anecdotal story about a conversation with Bad Religion guitarist, Greg Hetson.

Another quick tale of talking to Mr. Hetson after a show in Pennsylvania.

Short post about being back stage at a BR show.

Since this post is already becoming Bad Religion-heavy, I suppose I should post this great interview with Kings’ fan and BR guitarist, Greg Hetson. I am also in the process of tracking down my own interview with Hetson. If you have any questions for him, feel free to leave them in my comments section and I’ll add the best ones to my line of questioning.

Another huge punk fan in the hockey community is ESPN’s John Buccigross. I was able to locate a great article in which he talks about how punk is hockey’s music cousin. Also, if you have the time, search “John Buccigross punk rock” on Google. The man brings up the connection quite often in his writing.

One website that should be mentioned in a post like this is Hockey Punx. The site was formed by a couple of guys in the punk scene that noticed the connection between the sport and the music. It’s a great site, I highly recommend it. Also we need more people on the message boards, so make sure you sign up for that.

Finally, although I think I’ve linked to this post about five or six times in the short history of this blog, I would be remiss if I didn’t link to the Second City Hockey post that inspired me to create this series.

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