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Quick Thoughts On The First Day Of Free Agency

July 1, 2010

Some quick thoughts I’ve had thus far.

Last night the Hawks traded Kris Versteeg to Toronto. Although what the Hawks got in return was not equivalent to what they gave up, I’m so happy he’s gone. Steeger is a great player, but he was surrounded by so much talent in Chicago that he was unable to really flourish. Also, I’m really glad that we’re rid of a player that would continually try to skate around five defenders and deke the puck into the net instead of pass, is gone.

I’ve spent a lot of today focusing on the other team I love, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Thus far the new regime in Tampa has endeared me to them.

-First, they trade Meszaros to Philly for a second round pick. While I could have wished for more of a return, I’m glad him and his contract are no longer the Bolts’ problem.

-Then they allowed Tanguay to leave which is a plus.

-Finally, they resign Martin St. Louis. I’ll admit I’m biased since this guy is my favorite player, but the four-year extension is something Lightning fans have been hoping to see. Although he is getting up in years, he’s still a fantastic player and we’re all happy he’s staying.

Another interesting development that I’ve seen is the Sharks signing Antero “Watch me challenge your established starter for the job” Niittymaki. Is the intent to have him be the starter? If so, that’s quite a downgrade from Evgeni Nabokov. It’ll be interesting to see if they go out and get another goaltender.

Also, I will handsomely reward the person who can promise me that Pierre McGuire will no longer be on my TV.

Happy Free Agent Frenzy Day Everyone! And of course, Happy Canada Day!

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