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Living And Dying With The Stanley Cup Final

June 3, 2010

Sorry if the posts begin to sound repetitive, but it seems trivial at this juncture to write about anything other than the Stanley Cup Final.

Before this series even began I wrote that although my second favorite team has won a Stanley Cup, this would be different. Well, for the most part, it is.

I remember being on edge during the Lightning’s run. I vividly remember watching game seven in a hotel room and literally jumping off the bed in glee when the clock hit :00.

Yet this Final is a completely different animal.

With the exception of this year’s Gold Medal Game, I have never been this intense watching a hockey game. During this series, I have yet to relax. Every Hawks’ goal is sweet salvation, while a Flyers’ goal is enough reason to panic about the momentum for the entire series shifting. I willingly admit that I am a superstitious sports fan, but this series has made that almost intolerable.

I suppose it is hysterical what fandom does to people. Here I am, a college graduate, forcing myself to sit in a position that is no longer comfortable to ensure I don’t “jinx” my team. Something that in the back of my mind, I know I have no effect over. It doesn’t matter though. At the same time that I’m trying to convince myself it doesn’t matter, my mind is also trying to assure me that these silly superstitions are real. I guess one consolation from all of this is that I’m living in the moment and just enjoying the series. Well, that and the fact I know I’m not the only one that does stuff like this.

So let’s have a conversation about this. Regardless of what sport it is for, what are some of the weirder superstitions you have? One of my major ones includes my Blackhawks sweater. If I put it on during a game day, I cannot take it off for any reason. Additionally, I always have it nearby in case I start to think perhaps putting it on will change the Hawks’ fortunes.

Leave some of your superstitions in the comments. This should be fun.

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