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Stanley Cup Final Preview and Suggested Series Listening

May 29, 2010

I like doing predictions in the sense that they’re fun to do, I hate them in the sense that everyone takes them rather serious. Let’s just get down to brass tacks. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is full of shit when it comes to predictions. No one knows what’s going to happen, strange things always occur.

So here’s mine.

While Philly has been impressive this post-season, I expect the Hawks to quickly dispatch them in five games. Although I do admit this series could easily go six or seven. Although the Flyers bring a strong physical presence to their game, I think Chicago can easily match up with them. Additionally the Blackhawks have a very fast team, Philadelphia severely lacks in this department. I expect the Flyers to take one of the first two games, then get obliterated by a team that seems to be more comfortable playing away from home this post-season. The reason I claim this series could go further is due to the Flyers’ ability to win when facing elimination.

To go further, I think the Hawks will win game one. The Flyers take the second game of the series, hold a lead the majority of game three and lose it late in the game. This is followed by a loss in game four. The Hawks finally bring back the Cup to Chicago in front of the home crowd in game five.

Also, if you doubt me keep this in mind. Game four counts as a 1 goal game in my book. Empty netters are meaningless.

Now on to the good stuff, the suggested listening.

I decided that since this blog loves to focus on the connection between hockey and punk rock, I should give some recommended listening featuring bands from both cities.

GAME ONE: Rise Against

A rather well known punk band from Chicago that has found a large amount of mainstream success in recent years. Rise Against has found their way into the United Center pre-game playlist and should be in yours as well.

Pre-Game hype up song: State of the Union

If the Hawks win: To The Core

If Philly wins: Under The Knife

GAME TWO: Shot Baker

This band is a great Chicago band that rolls through Indy every so often. Something about their music just seems completely from the heart and is great at providing the listener with a kick of energy.

Pre-game hype up song: Bred To Be Perfectionists

If the Hawks win: Point Of No Return

If Philly wins: Sorry Illinois

Game Three: Paint It Black

Paint It Black, from the City of Brotherly Love, is one of my all-time favorite bands. Angry, short, to-the-point punk rock that gets you prepared to fight the world. As the series shifts to Philly I can’t think of a line more perfect than the final line in Four Deadly Venoms, “Welcome to the city that shoves you back.”

Pre-game hype up song: Four Deadly Venoms

If the Flyers wins: So Much For Honour Among Thieves

If Chicago wins: Pink Slip

GAME FOUR: Kid Dynamite

I would feel wrong not including this legendary band. Fast, short and loud music.

Pre-game hype up song: Bench Warmer

If the Flyers win: Two For Flinching

If Chicago wins: Rid Of The Losers, Bring On The Cruisers

GAME FIVE*: Naked Raygun

The boys from Second City Hockey seem to love this band and therefore, they are your recommended listening for game five. Even if this series fails to go further than game four, I highly recommend listening to all of the bands listed.

Pre-game hype up song: Jettison

If the Hawks win: Understand?

If Philly wins: Live Wire

Game Six*: The Boils

This selection was simple. Just check their myspace.

Pre-game hype up song: The Life For Me

If the Flyers win: The Orange And The Black

If Chicago wins: None (almost all their songs reference Philly or the Flyers.) Instead, listen to this.

GAME SEVEN*: Flatfoot 56

Sure I could have done a lot of other bands, but these guys love hockey. All of them are Hawks fans to the core and I once witnessed the band play while all wearing Hawks sweaters. They even have one with “Flatfoot” on the back, accompanied by the number 56. Sorry Lawrence Arms, but these guys get the mention for that.

Pre-game hype up song: We Grow Stronger

If the Hawks win: Ollie Ollie

If Philly wins: Brotherhood

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  1. May 29, 2010 11:47 am

    You forgot about Fallout Boy.

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