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WTF, Indianapolis?!? – Part III

May 14, 2010

This post will differ from the others in this series as my suggestion is something that can be fixed regardless of the league Indy’s team plays in. Indianapolis since 1988 has been home to the Ice. When I was a child it did not seem to bother me, but the more I think about it, the more I cannot stand that moniker. The Ice?!? Are there any teams in any other sports that would find the playing surface to be an acceptable nickname? Would a football team call themselves the turf or the grass? Would a basketball team call themselves the hardwood?

No, they wouldn’t because it’s stupid. So is calling a team the Ice. It is unoriginal and dumb sounding.

A team’s nickname should resemble the city the team represents. Sure, Indianapolis does not exactly have a ton of history that would contribute to a great team name, but that’s beside the point.

Indianapolis is generally known for one thing. The Indianapolis 500. The two nicknames that existed before the Ice were both based off of Indy’s racing heritage, the Racers and the Checkers. Since Charlotte has already taken over the latter, it leaves us with the Racers.

Indy has also been home to the Chiefs and Capitals, but again those are not exactly original. So let’s stick with Racers.

The Indianapolis Racers seems like a fantastic name. It rhymes with the Pacers (this was done intentionally) and it seems like what a team from Indy should be called. I do know it’s a hell of a lot better than the Ice. Also whoever owns the rights to that name, if anyone still does, would have to be willing to sell it. I highly doubt much money is being made off of that trademark, seeing as Racers gear is the hardest to find among former WHA teams. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to bring back this:

This year at the USHL all-star game, I was fortunate enough to see a charity game that featured one team dressed as the Racers. I can honestly say that it is my second favorite sweater I’ve ever seen worn in a game. It’s a simple, classic design and one that needs to return to the ice. Also, the Racers logo has a classic look to it. The name is currently being used by some of the youth travel teams in the area. I would love it if a minor league or even the USHL team adopted the name as well and created a tie in with the youth teams.

Racers is a great name. It fits the city, the logo is fantastic and the sweaters are even better. Although when your team is named the Ice, anything seems like a better idea. I’d even be willing to cheer for a team named the Indianapolis Vonneguts if it meant they weren’t named the Ice. We need a new team name, Ice is old and generic. WTF, Indianapolis?!?

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