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Olympic Hockey Predictions

February 16, 2010

I was considering doing a preview of the Men’s Hockey in the Olympics, but there are already a ton out there and I believe I would just be simply rehashing things at this point. So below I have included a few previews that I have enjoyed reading and my predictions for the tournament.

Yahoo’s Fourth Place Medal previews:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Second City Hockey’s Olympic Preview

Quick thoughts and predictions:

  • Although Patrick Kane has told the media that USA is only in Vancouver to win Gold, it’s just not going to happen. I’ve been wrong about Team USAs in the past, but there’s too much talent in this tournament and we’re far too inexperienced. Of course this thought doesn’t prevent me from yelling at the screen like an idiot during USA games. I want a gold.
  • No one is talking about Sweden. Sure previews mention them and discuss them at length, but in the general media, Team Sweden is not being talked about. The defending gold medalist will be a major factor yet again. Age is catching up to these guys, but I have problems counting them out.
  • Russia and Canada are the favorites. I say favorites because there is no clear top team among the opinions of experts. I expect one of these teams in the final, but I honestly believe that both meeting would be too perfect and life just does not work out that way.


Gold: Russia

Silver: Sweden

Bronze: Canada

Fourth: USA

Also, I know that the Women’s competition has already started, but I wanted to submit my predictions that are as they were before the Olympics:

Gold: USA

Silver: Canada

Bronze: Sweden

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