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USHL All-Star Recap

January 27, 2010

I am not the biggest fan of writing recaps because they usually seem to be cut-and-dry, but I figured something should be written about last night’s USHL All-Star Game. Therefore I shall just write some of my reactions to the events of last night.

To begin, the Legends Game before the main event was a little lack-luster. It was great to see so many players that contributed to hockey in Indianapolis, but the crowd didn’t seem to really care or even be there. At 6 pm the Coliseum was still generally empty. As I watched the game I generally had three reoccurring thoughts:

  1. The passing in this game is much better and smoother than we’re used to seeing at Pepsi Coliseum.
  2. Bob Kravitz is not only annoying to read, but horrible at goal.
  3. Racers sweaters look amazing in action.

The game was a testament to level of play increasing with experience. Although most of these players were in their late 30s or older the game just looked smoother and more skilled than what is there when watching a USHL game. That’s expected though, it’s just something that comes with age.

I am not a big fan of Bob Kravitz, in fact, strong hatred could probably characterize my feelings towards him. He’s a hockey guy and was a celebrity goaltender for the “Racers” so I understand why he was there, but dear lord, it was bad. Something to the effect of 10 goals on 22 shots bad.

Finally, the Racers’ sweaters. I’ve seen pictures of the team and know a decent about the history of the franchise, yet I had never seen video of them playing. I’ve always liked the sweaters, but after seeing them in action last night they are now the next hockey-related item I’m going to buy. Easily one of my favorite sweaters I’ve ever seen.

As I walked around the concourse last night, there was a massive curtained area behind one of the nets. At first I saw some light umbrellas through one of the open spaces and thought it was where the all-stars were taking photos, but that was until I saw it. It being Lord Stanley’s Cup. That by far made my night. Fans were allowed to line up and take pictures with the Cup for $10 which went to the Derek Zike Foundation.

The game itself was also fun. It saw the East Division stars best the West Division in OT 6-5 on a Nick Bailen goal with 13 seconds left in the period. Bailen went on to be named the East Division player of the game with Nate Condon from the Fargo Force earning the West Division honors. Ryan Walters of Des Moines earned the MVP award after a having a fantastic game which included a hat trick. For the most part the crowd was into the game all night and continued the tradition of yelling “Hockey!” after every East Division goal as they were the fill-in home team for the night. Although, the Coliseum did start to feel empty towards the middle of the third as many people with children started to leave. It’s understandable, but it’s a shame because all involved missed out on a great ending.

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