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January 21, 2010

A few months back when I was searching for Indiana colleges that have hockey teams I came across a search engine hit for Butler hockey. In fact, what I found on Wikipedia later was actually pretty interesting:

In 2000, the Butler University Hockey Team won the American Collegiate Hockey Association’s Division III National Championship

Whoa…Butler has a hockey team and they were good? Why have I never heard about this?

I had to get to the bottom of this. So like any good blogger, I scanned Butler’s website and came across some people who I could contact about the team. After several failed attempts to contact the club president, I was able to talk with Butler Hockey Club Treasurer, Nate Morris whom was able to answer all the questions I had about the team. So a stick tap to Nate on his helpfulness.

Butler Hockey has fallen on some tough times since their ACHA championship ten years ago.  Last year the club was not able to form a team due to a club president who seemed to be more interested in putting together the lacrosse team than he was the hockey club.

Currently the Bulldogs are not a part of the ACHA. While the team did consider applying this season for membership, they were told by the governing body that they would be on probation due to the actions of the last Butler ACHA team. Nate told me he was not sure what the team did to be placed on probation. Although he did say that the probation would have meant no possibility of postseason play for the team and that since this is their first season back they thought it better to just conserve money by sitting out for a year as an independent club team. Butler Hockey does have aspirations to return to the ACHA in the near future.

Since Butler has been off the ice for a year they are a bit concerned about fan support, but are happy to report there is a slight buzz around campus for the team. If you get a chance to watch them play this year, go ahead and give these guys your support. Also if you are one of the masses that uses facebook, join Butler Hockey’s group which can be found here.

Here is Butler’s schedule for this year, with more games to be added later (All games at Pan Am Plaza):
January 22-24:
Tournament in South Bend, IN

January 29, 30:
vs Robert Morris

February 12, 13:
in Louisville, KY

February 19, 20:
vs Holy Cross

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