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Carlson, Novotny & Palmieri Watch, WJHC Wrap-Up

January 6, 2010

How about John Carlson?!? The former member of the Indiana Ice came up huge in the World Junior Hockey Championships by scoring key goals in the tournament. Including the game winning goal in last night’s gold medal game against Canada.

Carlson finished the tournament with four goals and three assists. Two of his goals came as game winners. I honestly think Carlson was cheated when he wasn’t named to the USA’s top three players. He was talked into this tournament before this game by some teammates and I’m sure he does not regret that decision now, neither does Team USA.

Palmieri ended his tournament with a goal and eight assists, including an assist in the gold medal game.

While it was all smiles for the Americans, Stepan Novonty and the Czech Republic had to play in the relegation round to avoid being sent down to Division I. The Czechs were able to stave off relegation by going undefeated in the round. Novonty had three goals on twenty shots and two assists.

It seems that all players in the tournament with an Indiana connection performed fairly well, and even that could be an understatement.

Since the tournament is over I suppose I’ll take a look at my predictions.

Actual top 5:

United States





Projected top 5:




Czech Republic

United States

As you can tell, I was off on a lot of predictions. At least I got Canada’s finish right.

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