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One-Timers (Dec. 20)

December 20, 2009

I have stories and videos from all over the place. A few Indiana-related links, a few Winter Classic related links and a look into the life of a minor league hockey player.

For anyone that’s ever wondered what it’s like to be a minor league hockey player that has to deal with call-ups and send downs, this story about Matt Jones from provides plenty of insight. []

This is a video detailing the building of the rink for the Winter Classic in Fenway Park. []

Another Winter Classic video showcasing the building of the rink, but in time lapse form. []

Since the Indianapolis Colts are doing so well they seem to be the hot topic for all press. I came across this story about Colts’ radio announcer Bob Lamey which discusses his days as the Indianapolis Racers’ radio announcer when he was known as “Hockey Bob.” [Indianapolis Star]

Story from the News-Sentinel recapping last night’s Komets’ game. First time I’ve ever seen “garbage goal” as a positive thing in a headline. [News-Sentinel]

It’s subtle, but the talk of a Big Ten Hockey Conference keep coming up. [College Hockey News]

Finally, the Boston Bruins have created some great commercials in the last few seasons and their Christmas one is hilarious. [Boston Bruins]

Hope everyone likes the new site design and please vote in the poll. Feedback is always welcome. Let me know how I’m doing.

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