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Notre Dame to Build Cathedral for Hockey Team

December 18, 2009

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I always refer to Conseco Fieldhouse as a cathedral built to properly express Indiana’s love for basketball. Apparently soon I will have to call another arena in Indiana a cathedral. Leave it to a Catholic university to build a hockey stadium that looks like you’re playing in some place that’s been blessed by the Pope.

Notre Dame recently announced plans to build a new hockey-specific arena to replace the aging Joyce Center. The proposed 5,000 seat stadium will feature a gothic facade to match the architecture on campus. The interior of the building will resemble a traditional hockey barn which will create an old-time hockey feel to the arena.

Personally I am quite excited about this development. Not only did Notre Dame need a new venue, but based upon both the concepts explained by the developers and the design above it seems like they will create a fantastic venue for hockey in South Bend. Hopefully it looks quite similar to the drawing, because if so, this stadium will be a gorgeous place to take in a game.

More on this when I find out about it. If anyone else has additional photos of the proposed design, please share them.

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