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Holiday Gift Ideas for Hockey Fans

December 16, 2009

So the holiday season is here and you have procrastinated on shopping until basically the last minute. Perhaps someone is asking you what you would like for Christmas, but you have no idea what to tell them. Well have no fear, Hoosier Hockey is here to help in the gift idea department.

Vintage Minnesota Hockey is a company that specializes in classic apparel from Minnesota’s proud hockey heritage. Looking for a fantastic looking sweater for your collection? I’d highly suggest this beauty. [Vintage Minnesota Hockey]

Have a female hockey fan in your life? Well then look no further than Sasky Stewart’s Heartbreak Hockey. I would highly suggest picking up a “Talk Hockey to Me” shirt for the woman in your life. [Heartbreak Hockey]

A good stocking stuffer for your favorite female rink rat is this little charm. It can be put on a necklace or a charm bracelet. Thanks to Sasky for pointing this one out to me. [Chalktalk Sports]

Of course this is The Hoosier Hockey Blog and there has to be something for the diehard Indiana hockey fan. Well how about a book about Indianapolis’ hockey history? I have read portions of this book and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn more about the history of the game in the city. [Indianapolis Hockey]

Want a shirt celebrating the game without a tacky design? I highly suggest Twenty8Degrees. Pretty much every design is a winner, especially their shirts celebrating bubble hockey and the stache. [twenty8degrees]

Two Eight Nine Design has put together some of the better sports shirts I’ve seen. Pretty much every creation is a hilarious tribute to sport. Most designs come with an explanation, but for the Blackhawks fan in your life this shirt needs no further elaboration. [Two Eight Nine Design]

The 1980 “Miracle on Ice” is often recalled and sits proudly in our hearts, but what about the 1960 U.S. hockey team that won the gold? Recently Forgotten Miracle, a documentary about the 1960 team came out. So far it has received some great press, including this wonderful post from Puck Daddy. I am a huge documentary fan and I am sure this will find its way into my collection. [Forgotten Miracle]

If hockey is something that finds its way into all parts of your life, then why stop at the shower? A wonderful novelty gift for a hockey fan, soap shaped like a hockey puck. Not only is it black and round, but it includes the familiar threading on the side. [Daisy Cake Soap]

Another great gift for an Indiana hockey fan is the popular documentary and book, Gretzky, Indy and the WHA. The book is filled with great photos and stats about the Racers team, along with a in depth history of the team. The documentary includes several games from the Racers era of Indianapolis hockey. [Gretzky, Indy and the WHA]

Looking for discount hockey apparel or equipment? I highly suggest looking at Hockey Overstock for your bargain hunting needs. [Hockey Overstock]

Finally a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves hockey sweaters is the Greatest Jerseys of All Time by The Hockey News. This magazine is filled with articles devoted to the hockey sweater and even has one on the age old debate, “sweater or jersey?” I have read this thing cover to cover and comes highly recommended. [The Hockey News]

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