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Assessing the Fort Wayne Komets at the Quarter Pole

December 4, 2009

The Komets are the two-time defending Turner Cup Champions. If they keep playing at the level they have been, then a three year conquest of the IHL is a foregone conclusion. The Ks are only four points behind first place Muskegon and have played two less games than their rivals. Fort Wayne currently has a player in the top three of almost every offensive category and Tim Haun is currently one of the best goalies in the league. Haun has been posting great numbers all season long, although his save % is a middle of the road in terms of IHL goaltenders which begs the question, “Is Haun really as good as his stats indicate or is much of the credit due to his defense in front of him?”

Fort Wayne seems to be near the top of the league in every category, including attendance. The Komets are currently averaging 8,366 a game while the nearest franchise (Quad City) is over 4,000 less. The Ks are even leading the league in referee tossing.

This is only a quarter of the way in though, it will be interesting to see what the Komets will do in the remainder of the season. As their new found rivalry with Muskegon heats up, one must wonder if it will only be amplified by a fight for the top spot in the standings.

There seem to be no major issues in Fort Wayne, although as some have said publicly, there might be some with their league.

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