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Purdue at the Halfway Point

December 3, 2009

If you were 9-2-2 and had the 5th best record in your region, you’d probably think that you deserved to be ranked in your regions’ top 15. Well for the Boilermakers they are all those things, except ranked. Apparently Purdue is suffering from Rodney Dangerfield syndrome, they get no respect.

The boys in black and gold currently have the 5th highest point total in the ACHA’s Division II Southeast region, but when it comes to the voting they cannot even find their way into the top 15. While this usually would not be a problem, the Boilermakers have to make it into the top 10 to get an invite to the National Tournament regional playoffs.

Besides the obvious traveshamockery happening with the rankings, Purdue has a lot of things to be happy about. Not only do they have a great record, but they have three players currently with double digit goal totals and a plethora of good goaltenders, especially for the Division II level.

If Purdue wants to make it into the playoffs they will have to post some impressive wins in the second half of their season, which is definitely the tougher portion of their schedule. While it is a shame they are not currently ranked, it’s understandable as the majority of their schedule thus far has been against bottom feeders.

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