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Skjodt, USA Hockey Seek to Grow the Sport

November 20, 2009

Last night, Indiana Ice owner, Paul Skjodt and, the executive director of the Indiana/World Skating Academy, Pam Robinson announced a joint venture to build a 9 million dollar training facility for youth hockey players and members of the academy.

The youth players will be part of USA Hockey’s new American Development Model program. ADM is focused on player retention. USA Hockey believes that the 60% drop out rate before pee-wee level hockey is far too high. Essentially this program is a back to basics, love of the game concept. ADM encourages hockey players to play other sports to full develop as athletes and prevent kids from getting burnt out due to focus on a sole sport. This program will also encourage coaches to spend more time developing skills than focusing on schemes for the next game.

I believe both the building of this new rink and the ADM program are great things for hockey. ADM will bring youth hockey back to a “for the love of the game” approach, which is what should be the case for kids learning the game. Youth hockey should be about teaching the game and skills needed to play. Game tactics and heavy focus on winning can wait for higher, older levels of hockey.

Meanwhile, both Skjodt and Robinson should be applauded for their newest venture. Anybody who attempts to grow the game of hockey is a great person, and anyone who attempts to grow hockey in my hometown is a fantastic person. I hope this will help build a love for hockey in both the Circle City and across the state in general.

For more info on the new rink check out this article from the Indianapolis Star. Additional information on ADM can be found here.

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