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Punk Rock and Hockey, Part I (Propagandhi)

November 9, 2009

I love punk rock. Honestly if you’ve noticed the connection between the genre and the great game of hockey, it probably isn’t much of surprise.  Both are niche entities with aggressive, passionate undertones. Those are things I can get behind.

A few years ago I had heard a lot about a band called Propagandhi and decided to take a chance on a CD of theirs I found in the “used” section of a local store. I played it until there was a hole in the disc. Any band that openly criticizes the ill-fated “laser pucks” are good in my book.

On their most recent release the Canadian band wrote a song confronting famed Hockey Night in Canada commentator, Don Cherry. Months after first hearing it, I listen to both Supporting Caste and “Dear Coach’s Corner” at least once a day. It is the perfect melding of punk rock and hockey, not to mention they’re right on point with the lyrical content. Don Cherry is a nationalistic, misogynistic dick.

Since that song has been released it seems that the hockey blogosphere and fans in general are talking about the band more. (Seriously, if you don’t see the link between punk and hockey, you’re insane.) It’s just something about that song that seems to hit the core of most fans. The lyrics even talk about a “spiritual connection” that two fans of the game can share even if they have differing opinions and that is something I’ve always noticed with hockey fans.

Imagine my joy when I came across a headline on Puck Daddy that made me audibly exclaim my excitement, “Five reasons punk band Propagandhi loves hockey.” One of my favorite bands talking about my favorite sport via one of my favorite features on my favorite hockey blog. Basically, it was a massive amount of favorites converging into the perfect storm of awesomeness. It was nice to see the band talk about their love of the game, not just because of who they are, but also just because I love to know why others love hockey.

So I figured I would finish off this post by just sharing the link to both the article mentioned above and another that was also linked to in the Puck Daddy article. Also, I thought I would leave a suggested listening list for those whom want to give Propagandhi a listen.

“Five reasons punk band Propagandhi loves hockey” [Puck Daddy]

“Interview with Propagandhi” [Silver Seven]


Suggested Listening (all songs can be found on their myspace, but watch the Dear Coach’s Corner video for lyrics):

Dear Coach’s Corner

A Speculative Fiction

Die Jugend Marschiert

Fuck The Border

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  1. christiansorrell permalink
    November 9, 2009 4:47 pm

    The relationship between the two things is such an unusual, but absolutely fitting thing. I have liked Hockey just about as long as I’ve liked Punk rock, so I am right there with ya.

    • November 9, 2009 6:06 pm

      Yeah. I know it may seem like I’m looking for a connection between these two things, but without even searching I keep finding connections. My intent is to have this be a recurring series covering the links between the two.


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