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The Hoosier Hockey Drinking Game

September 3, 2010

Well with Labor Day Weekend arriving and the fact I haven’t posted in about two weeks (I have been working a lot on my podcast, thus HH gets put on the back-burner temporarily) pressing down on us, it is time to unveil the Hoosier Hockey Drinking Game!

Now is the perfect time to play a drinking game as the off-season drags on. Also, who wants to remember a weekend without hockey anyway?

I’ll be the first to admit that I have never played any sort of drinking game, but if I could find people to play this game with, I would attempt it.

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And Bloggers Are Supposed To Be The Unprofessional Ones

August 21, 2010

The guys over at Pension Plan Puppets have been plagiarized, not once, but now multiple times by the Toronto Sun.

The story in short form is as follows: PPP posted an article that contained an interview from Czech magazine on their site. Since the interview was in Czech, a reader of PPP translated it for them. Along comes Dave Fuller of the Sun who reads the PPP article and takes the translation directly from them and uses it in his article for the paper. PPP at no point is given credit/citation for the translation and when the blog contacts the paper, they are told “get over it.”

Here’s the issue, the Sun claims they used Google Translator for their article. I can speak and write in two languages. I have used Google Translator at times when I have difficultly understanding something written in my second language. Therefore I am obligated to raise this:

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The Plight Of Women In A Boys’ Club

August 17, 2010

Often I write about the connections between Punk Rock and Hockey. Well there is another one I talk about often, but seldom like to bring up online because I do not want to dwell on the negatives. The fact of the matter is that both cultures are boys’ clubs. By this I do not mean that women cannot participate or play major roles, merely that men dominate in both leadership positions and sheer numbers.

I, being a male and not constantly reminded of this, sometimes fail to understand what women go through. In fact, I probably do not even remotely understand what it is like to be a woman in a society such as this.

Yesterday I got a glimpse into it.

My place of employment was holding a pre-season camp for youth hockey. As part of my job, I was running check-in and directing people to their respective dressing rooms. The first camp went well with no real struggle. Then came a moment I will honestly never forget.

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The Speculation That Will Just Not Die

August 12, 2010

Being a Midwesterner and one that grew up here, I’m ingrained with the idea that there is no better conference than the Big Ten. Although my alligence lies with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, the only conference that matters is the Big Ten. If it’s football, basketball, etc, I really only care about the Big Ten.

I guess in the South they’re pretty hyped on their brand of football, that’s nice. Give me Ohio St. v. Michigan. Hell, give me the Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe.

Regardless of the trash talking storm I’m sure to be starting, I am a completely biased Midwesterner that loves the Big Ten.

Now we all know that I love hockey. What if there was a Big Ten hockey conference? Well, first I think I would start by doing a little jig. Then I would probably make Big Ten hockey a large focal point of this blog or my upcoming podcast.

Yet, it’s not going to happen. At least not any time soon.

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Commenter Discussion: The United States of Hockey?

August 10, 2010

Today as I was catching up on posts I’ve missed on The Clink Room, I came across this map:

United States of Hockey

I recognize this design as there is also a United States of Baseball map that exists. Apparently Nike commissioned the map at some point, but I do not recall ever seeing this before.

Personally, I believe that the Blue Jackets’ “nation” is quite too large and Florida is essentially completely incorrect. In my massive amount of time I’ve spent in that state, I do not recall ever meeting a Panthers fan. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking that most of those living north of Tampa are either Lightning, Thrashers or Hurricanes fans. Although, I will say that I believe Indianapolis is well represented as most fans in this area are either Blackhawks, Blue Jackets or Red Wings fans. Also, great call on making Northwestern Indiana and the area stretching to South Bend as Blackhawks fans. That I know is 100% accurate.

What about you guys? Thoughts? Areas that are either completely correct or off-base?

Peter Goes For A Genuine Punk Rock And Hockey Experience, Hilarity Ensues

August 5, 2010

Tuesday night was a rather interesting evening for me. As those that follow my twitter know, I’ve recently started working at a local ice rink. One of the most common questions I get from my male co-workers is, “Do you play hockey?”

Shockingly, relatively few of us actually play the sport.

A few days ago this question came up from a supervisor of mine, to which I responded, “I used to, I plan on starting again in the fall.”

To clarify, the actual answer is that I play street hockey with a group of friends every week and once in a while play on roller hockey with a friend in the local high school’s parking lot. I stopped playing ice hockey when I was 13 for reasons that are both long-winded and boring. Therefore, I’ll spare you the details.

After informing my co-worker of this factoid, he then tells me I should play pick-up hockey with him on Tuesday night. When I tell him I lack any of the needed equipment, I’m told he’s a goalie most nights so I can use his spare set. I think it was my desire to get back on the ice, but regardless of whatever reason my brain formulated, I without hesitation accepted the offer.

Then a problem arose in my head, I have a show on Tuesday night with my band. After checking that my show starts at 6:30 and hockey started at 9:30, I completely committed to what I was sure was a bad idea from the outset.

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Punk Rock and Hockey: The Briggs

July 26, 2010

Every once in a while you’ll see something that you just cannot help, but remark how awesome it is. A few months ago someone on Twitter sent me a link to this video. After doing some research on what I had just seen, I found that I was watching The Briggs play “This Is L.A.” before a Kings’ playoff game.

From my eight months of documenting the connection between hockey and punk rock, I’ve started to notice a pattern. It seems that the Kings are the ones that either have the strongest connection between the two cultures or they just highlight it more than any other team. My only explanation for this is that Southern California is a punk rock mecca and there’s going to be bleed over between the two communities.

Regardless of why the connection is emphasized as much as it is in Los Angeles, The Briggs’ “This is L.A.” has become the Kings’ fight song in a sense. The song is played every Kings’ home game right before the team hits the ice.

With my research completed, I sought out an interview with the band. Joey Briggs was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to answer a few questions for me.

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